Reusable To-Go Container Refunds

Thanks to all of you that participated in this year's Reusable To-Go program! If you'll be participating in the program again next year and feel comfortable holding on to your key cards over the summer, you're welcome to do so. If you don’t plan to participate in the program again next year (or don't want to risk losing the tags before August rolls back around), the time has come for your deposits to be refunded, as per the following instructions:

1. Dirty reusable containers must be rinsed out and returned to any of the participating Dining locations (Runk, Newcomb, Pav, O-Hill, Crossroads, The Castle, West Range Cafe, Fine Arts Cafe, and Wilsdorf) in exchange for your two key cards.

2. Key cards are to be brought back to the Dining Admin Office (ground floor of O-Hill, across the hall from the ID Office) between 9am and 4pm throughout the rest of the week and given to me or Accounting Manager Ben Koontz. Your $5 deposit will be refunded in cash. No partial refunds will be given.

3. Deposits will be refunded starting tomorrow, Wednesday, May 4th and continuing through the end of exams, Friday, May 13th. I will also be tabling during lunch in O-Hill Dining Hall for a couple of lunch periods (11am - 2pm) during exams: Monday, May 9 (today), and Wednesday, May 11; I will have a cash box for refunds and will be accepting key tags or go-to containers each of those days. Please email me if for any reason this time frame does not work for you and you need to make alternate arrangements.

Feel free to leave a comment or email me with any questions about this refund system, or any feedback -- both good or bad! -- you may have about your experience using reusable to-go containers this year. Thanks for your willingness to participate in this program and your help in shrinking UVa’s environmental footprint!


  1. Kendall, I work for GET, the manufacturers of your reusable containers. I would like to hear your thoughts on the refund process - what worked, what would you change next year, etc. Also, I would welcome any comments about the program in general. I am capturing best practices in our blog. Thanks! wsimons@get-melamine.com

  2. I admired your blog. I support reusing things by any means we can, whether by making bags, boxes, containers or show-pieces... This small things will save our environment in a big way!