The Fine Arts Cafe

Third time's the charm, apparently. That's how many tries it took to get the chalkboard menu at the Fine Arts Cafe looking according to everyone's satisfaction. We started with a student and ended up with me handwriting the menu -- twice, as the first round of chalk colors weren't splashy enough, but it's finally up to snuff.

The menu is full of some seriously good eats: a Wolf Creek Farms burger; a black bean quesadilla with Perfect Flavor queso blanco and Farm at Red Hill salsa; a grilled veggie wrap with Farm at Red Hill hummus; etc. In terms of local and sustainable offerings, the Fine Arts Cafe is head and shoulders above other Dining locations, but it also happens to be tucked away in the Architure School, which is a vast unknown to many students at UVa. I was completely ignorant of the A-School as an undergrad myself until I took my first class there the fall of my third year, so I can understand the Fine Arts Cafe not even being on students' radars. As part of our celebration of national Sustainable Campuses Day (October 21); however, we are planning to host a reception at the Fine Arts Cafe, which ought to bring in some non-Architure or Planning students over to Campbell Hall. I'm sure that once these students have their first taste of Perfect Flavor mozzarella in the Caprese Sandwich, or John Whiteside's local grass-fed beef in the Steak and Cheese sub, they won't look back.

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