Signing Off

Faithful readers, I have some exciting news to share: I'm going to grad school!  I will be starting a Master of Public Administration program in Environmental Science & Policy at Columbia in just a couple of weeks, and this is actually my last day of work.

I'm looking forward to being a student again, but I'm already feeling nostalgic about not being able to see firsthand all of the wonderful projects that get underway in my absence.  I fully expect to read about lots of positive UVa sustainability developments in the coming year!

Thanks to all of you who attended events, gave feedback, helped brainstorm, and otherwise promoted sustainability over these past few years.  If you'd like to stay involved and up to date with what Dining is going to do down the road, check out the Dining blog over on tumblr.  Going forward, this will now be the repository for info about Dining as a whole, including nutrition and sustainability happenings.  Emails can be sent to dining@virginia.edu or to Nicole Jackson at jackson-nicole@aramark.com.

Take care, everyone!