NWF Generation E Report

About a year ago I was asked to share my student-initiated food waste reduction success story with the National Wildlife Foundation (NWF), as they were compiling accounts from current and former students from college campuses across the country into a comprehensive student environmental activism report. This report, "Generation E: Students Leading for a Sustainable Future," was just released this week and covers the spectrum of student involvement in sustainability initiatives in institutions of higher education, from greenhouse gas inventories to bicycle share programs, from student eco-rep programs to local food in dining halls.

One of the 35 topics is Trayless Dining: check out page 38 of the report for NWF's profile of (and my account of) UVa's food waste audit and ultimate move to trayless dining. There's even a vintage 2006 photograph of me and Suzanne Pinckney (CLAS '06) scraping plates!

I encourage you to give the report even just a quick look-over: there are lots of wonderfully concrete examples of student activism from a wide variety of schools; UVa could still stand to implement quite a few of those right here on our Grounds.

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