New and Improved

Happy New Year! While Grounds has mostly gone into hibernation over this long and cold break, Dining has stayed busy prepping for the spring semester.

To kick things off, Green Dining is hosting an Open House on Tuesday, January 19th, from 7-8:30pm in the Garden Room (directly above the West Range Cafe). This'll be in part a chance for Dining to express thanks to the group members that attended meetings and lent valuable insight to sustainable dining issues throughout the fall. This will also provide an opportunity for curious students/staff/faculty to learn about the work Green Dining does in a more informal setting. It'll be entertaining and informative! Light refreshments will be provided.

That evening will also coincide with the release of Dining's new (and very brief) reusable to-go container survey. The survey can be filled out by both participating or non-participating students, in-person or online at a forthcoming url. The survey responses will give Dining important feedback ways to improve the current program.

There are a couple of updated promotional materials that will be ready in time for the spring semester: the Sustainable Dining brochure has been edited to reflect some of the recent changes to our program. Copies of the brochure will start appearing around Grounds in the next week or so. Additionally, due to popular demand, Dining has expanded the coffee mug discount card program to include hot tea and soda. Now your Reusable Mug Loyalty Card can be punched for coffee, tea, or soda. The same concept still applies: purchase eight (of the aforementioned types of) drinks with your reusable mug, get two refills free. Pick up the new discount card at all UVa Dining locations.

Though there are quite a few other projects coming down the pipe, I am waiting to announce them once they've been confirmed more concretely or implemented. Stay tuned for further developments...

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