O'Hill Selected as Participant in the EPA National Building Competition

The O'Hill building has been selected as a participant in the EPA National Building Competition: Battle of the Buildings!

It’s joining almost 250 other driven, dedicated commercial building teams in a national race to reduce energy use throughout the summer. Buildings will be judged based on the percent energy reduction (adjusted for weather and building size) demonstrated between the baseline period of 09/01/09 – 08/31/10 and the comparison period of 09/01/10 – 08/31/11. Among the finalists, the building that demonstrates the largest adjusted percent reduction in energy use intensity (EUI) across this 24-month period will be recognized by EPA as the winner. Help get O’Hill to the finals by being a responsible building occupant and keeping your energy consumption low when possible!

The competition is officially underway today, and the official Battle of the Buildings website is a great place to learn more about the contest and the individual building competitors.

This national contest is timed nicely to align with a recently approved President's Sustainability Committee plan to make a formal commitment to reduce UVa's energy footprint. Both the Student Council and the Faculty Senate have now endorsed the plan, and the next step is to gain approval for it from the Board of Visitors. The specifics of the plan call for a 25% reduction in 2009 greenhouse gas levels by 2025. For now, special events and occasions like the EPA competition will help pave the way for these potential higher standards.

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