Cavalier Daily Editorial

The Cav Daily's lead editorial is about my new position. Here's the online version. I'd say the tone was cautiously optimistic -- I plan to prove them correct.

I had a great meeting today with Ayisha Memon, leader of the UVA chapter of the Campus Kitchens Project. CKP is a national organization that re-distributes excess food from institutional dining halls to those in the community that have a need for it; i.e. a most logical of middlemen. UVA Dining is backing the local CKP chapter and providing kitchen space for any additional preparation that may need to occur before the food can be served. UVA Campus Kitchens is waiting for a few final logistics to fall into place before it can officially get underway, but at this point all the legwork is finished and the green light is expected in a matter of weeks. I'm looking forward to seeing Campus Kitchens step in to fill a much-needed re-distribution role here in Charlottesville.

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