It's been a whirlwind week -- I spent much of last week away from my desk, either tabling for reusable to-go containers or at various meetings. Tabling successfully kicked off with the inaugural Taste of Dining event: we had a few local food producers and processors present, and even a big biofuel-run bus that traveled around the midwest this summer, educating the locals about our flawed food system (see: nourish(meant)). The evening was very festive and fun.

The tabling is going slowly but surely; I'm excited to see more and more students using their reusable boxes in O-Hill each day. As with any new program, though, there are some kinks to still be worked through, and to that end I'm working more concertedly to ensure that the employees are on board and that there isn't any lingering confusion about what to do with the key cards, or the dirty containers, or the $7 deposit, and so on and so forth. Fingers crossed that things go smoothly in the coming weeks...!

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  1. Lets hope more and more students use there reusable boxes. Doing a great job Kendall.