Gary Nabhan Speaking at UVa This Evening, 5pm

Thanks to all that came out last night for the Logistics of Local panel at the lovely Jefferson Scholars Foundation space -- we had a great conversation with our panelists, as well as the students and community members that participated in the discussion. For more details, see today's Cavalier Daily article about the event.

If you're ready for another study break in between all those midterm papers and exams, head on over to the A-school (Campbell Hall room 160, to be exact) today at 5pm for a presentation by Gary Nabhan, acclaimed author and speaker on community food heritage, who will give a talk on "Climate Change and Place-Based Food". Stick around after his presentation for Dining-sponsored reception and book-signing in celebration of the release of his latest volume, Chasing Chiles. This is what publisher Chelsea Green has to say about Nabhan's new book: "Chasing Chiles looks at both the future of place-based foods and the effects of climate change on agriculture through the lens of the chile pepper—from the farmers who cultivate this iconic crop to the cuisines and cultural traditions in which peppers play a huge role. ... Chasing Chiles is not your archetypal book about climate change, with facts and computer models delivered by a distant narrator. On the contrary, these three dedicated chileheads look and listen, sit down to eat, and get stories and recipes from on the ground—in farmers' fields, local cafes, and the desert-scrub hillsides across North America. From the Sonoran Desert to Santa Fe and St. Augustine (the two oldest cities in the US), from the marshes of Avery Island in Cajun Louisiana to the thin limestone soils of the Yucatan, this book looks at how and why climate change will continue to affect our palates and our producers, and how it already has."

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