PURSUIT Conference Registration Open

If you're looking for something to do this Saturday, besides (or in addition to) going to the Bellair Farm Crop Mob workday previously mentioned in an earlier blog post, you might want to consider attending the second annual PURSUIT Conference here on Grounds. The conference was started last year to, in the words of the PURSUIT website, "bring UVa students together to increase social awareness by hosting prominent speakers and informative workshops." This year the sessions are covering a broad array of topics and concentrations, including one that I am leading on food and sustainable dining at UVa. Other workshops include:

  • Mental Health on College Campuses

  • Separation of Church and State

  • Why Development Didn't Work

  • Sex-trafficking in Southeast Asia

  • A Project for Peace through Girls' Education in Cairo

  • Food and Sustainability at UVA

  • Young adults in educational, social, and spiritual communities

  • A Personal Perspective of Depression

  • Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene: UNICEF at Work

  • Gender and racial stereotypes in the media

  • An Overview of the Revolution in Egypt

  • Definition of Minority at UVA

  • Health Care in Central America

  • Population growth policy in Albemarle County

  • Disparity in education

The conference will kick off with registration - which you can also do on the PURSUIT website - at 11:30am on Saturday on the 4th floor of Cabell Hall, on the Wilson Hall side of the building. Session 1 will take place from 12 - 1pm, and session 2 (when I'll be presenting!) is from 1:10 - 2:10.

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