Tastiness at Newcomb

I had been highly anticipating lunch at Newcomb yesterday, as the featured local dish was a butternut squash soup with local butternut squash and local apples (butternut squash from Valley Farming and apples from Crown Orchard, both sourced through the Local Food Hub). It did not disappoint! My bowl was bursting with flavor, and even though it actually turned out to be a warm day I still loved the comfort food mentality that came along with the soup.

Within just a few minutes my bowl looked like this: Anyone that knows me probably knows what a slow eater I am, so for me to scarf any food down that quickly must mean something! The chefs at Runk, Newcomb and OHill will continue to contact me when they have local ingredients in any of their dishes so I can keep on advertising all of that info on this blog and elsewhere. Stay tuned for more local food to make its way into the UVa dining halls.

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