Water Bottle Refill Station

You might have seen - or used! - a water bottle filling station tucked into the far wall in the Pav sometime last year when you went in to eat. Those so-called hydration stations are an easy, motion-sensored way of refilling your reusable water bottle and cutting down on the number of plastic water bottles you would otherwise need to purchase.

A few weeks ago a second refilling station was installed over here in O'Hill, on the ground floor right next to the Crossroads entrance. I fill my own water bottle up there several times a day. It fills really quickly, at a fill rate of 3 times faster than a conventional drinking fountain, is hands-free, and offers refreshing and thirst-quenching cold water.

One cool feature of this particular station is that it tracks landfill diversion, or the equivalent number of plastic bottles that haven't been used as a result of going this reusable route. At the time of hitting 'publish post', the O'Hill refill station has diverted 1047 plastic water bottles! Be sure to bring your reusable bottle and fill on up next time you're in O'Hill (just like all the thirsty campers in these photos).

Where else would you like to see a water bottle refill station on Grounds?


  1. Joe Caiello7/2/11, 1:49 AM

    It'd be cool to see these in some of the dorms. That way students could fill up before they leave for the day. Also, the athletic facilities would be useful.

  2. newcomb & alderman definitely need one!

  3. These are a great idea! They should be everywhere too.