Sustainable Campers

Last Friday, a group of campers from Triple C Camp just south of town came to UVa for a sustainability tour of Grounds. Nina Morris, UVa Sustainability Outreach Coordinator, and I had a great time showing the students a few highlights of Dining and Facilities Management sustainability. We spent an hour with the campers and only had time to stay on the western edge of Grounds (namely O'Hill and the Recycling area) -- lots going on even in this sub-section of UVa.

Nina talks about the National Building Contest

We started in O'Hill and demonstrated the brand new hydration station outside of Crossroads, and brought the campers up to speed on our participation in the EPA National Building Competition.

Our attentive and inquisitive guests

Then we ventured upstairs and chatted about our reusable to-go container program, our new energy efficient hood fan controls, and our composting initiative. Everyone got to see the big pulping machine - though not in action - and the barrels filled with organic waste waiting to be hauled off the loading dock.

Showing off a reusable to-go container

Chef Brett explains how the new hood controls work to save energy

Once outside, we headed over to the UVa Community Garden and took a look at the bountiful produce in full production mode. It's in great shape this summer!

Admiring the beautiful student-run garden

The tour's grand finale was over at the R.O.S.E. program, where everybody loaded up on free goodies (you can never have enough folders or paper clips, right?). Thanks, Triple C, for spending some time with us and learning more about our sustainability practices!

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