Meat Free Monday: Round 2

Welcome back to school, everyone!

The Meat Free Monday station is once again being launched this year, and to celebrate healthy eating on Grounds (and not just on Mondays), Dining is hosting an information fair featuring a number of groups that represent different facets of living a healthy and sustainable lifestyle at our University and in our greater community.

Where: O'Hill Dining Room
When: Monday, August 29th, 5-8pm
Who will be in attendance:
Green Dining
UVa Community Garden
Morven Kitchen Garden Project
UVa Dining Nutrition
UVa Green Challenge
N-Print Project
Local Food Hub

All are invited to attend and to learn about, and perhaps even get involved with, these various groups that all seek to promote sustainability and healthy living at UVa.

Don't forget to try the O'Hill Meat Free Monday station while you're there, too -- for dinner they'll be serving a tasty sounding Tofu Pho, which consists of Thai noodles simmered with vegetable broth, tofu, and seasoned fresh vegetables.

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