Food Trends of 2012

It seems that the USDA Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food initiative was a couple of years ahead of its time.  "Supermarket guru" Phil Lempert has just released his annual predictions of food trends in the coming year and coming it at number 4 is his sustainability related forecast: Increased Emphasis on the 'Farm to Fork' journey.  He clarifies that the face of this movement is increasingly going to be the farmer - rather than the chef - and, in particular, the emerging next generation of young farmers that are already social media savvy and well connected in their communities.  Coming on the heels of what seems like a steady stream of tainted food stories, it's no wonder that the public is looking for food security via transparancy, and they're finding it directly through their community farmers.  I certainly hope that this is more than a trend, though!

Take a look at the complete list of food trends here.  What do you think Phil missed?

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