Morven Summer Institute 2012

UVa is once again offering several courses on its 3,000 acre Morven Farm this summer.  Three of the four courses, spanning two sessions of two weeks each, are food focused:

PLAP 3160: Politics of Food with Paul Freedman (May 14 - 25)
EVSC 4559: Food and Nutrition in a Changing World with Manuel Lerdau (May 29 - June 9)
PLAC 5501: Farmer's Markets and Applied Food Systems Research with Tanya Denckla Cobb and Paul Freedman (May 29 - June 9)

The Morven Kitchen Garden: this could be your classroom!
This promises to be an excellent opportunity to learn about food systems on a global and local level, and to apply some of that knowledge back in our own community, and possibly even right on the farm.  (Last year, students enrolled in the Summer Institute food course were required to put in eight hours of volunteer work at either the Morven Kitchen Garden or the UVa Community Garden on Grounds, and they had a great time fulfilling that obligation.)

Learn more about the courses, fees, and applying, all at the Morven Summer Institute website!

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