Reusable Containers at Got Dumplings' Food Truck

Reusable to go containers are now available at the Got Dumplings truck. Forego the Styrofoam and enjoy your dumplings sustainably!

Please note that you must already be signed up for the program in order to participate, so you can come to the counter with a key tag in hand.  (Need a refresher on how the program works?  Watch our short video here.)  Your nearest container drop site is West Range CafĂ© - dirty containers cannot be returned to the truck.

Student Sustainability employees show off their Got Dumplings meals in reusable containers!

If you don't have a meal plan but eat from the Got Dumplings truck and would like to sign up for the reusable to go container program, you are more than welcome to.  The program is geared towards students with meal plans, but the registration occurs outside the regular Meal Plan sign up.  Email me at kendall.singleton@virginia.edu if you'd like more information on how to avoid the disposables.

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