Misty Morven

A sizeable group of students braved the gloomy weather this past Friday morning to venture out to Morven Farm for the Dining sponsored garden tour.  Though we all experienced our fair share of mud and rain, we had a great time -- special thanks to Marie, Michelle and Rowan for showing us around!  The overcast skies made the garden pop with color and accentuate the lush greenery in production, so that it actually looked quite lovely.  I think the garden may have even gotten a few more potential volunteers... :)


Everyone learned a lot about the history - both recent and less so (Kluge versus Jefferson) - of the property, and how the garden had gotten its start in its current inception last spring.  We made our way throughout the garden quadrants, taking a look at the corn, the compost pile, the chickens, the okra, the row cover, and the flowers scattered around the growing space to attract pollinators and good insects.  It was an enlightening journey, particularly in our observations of the sheer quantity of produce we saw growing in just a single acre plot.  It takes a lot of manpower to keep that one acre producing so abundantly, but the education and bucolic setting that goes hand in hand with the effort makes the labor more than worth it.

Observing through the umbrellas

Checking out the okra flowers
Rowan explains the "crow disco" set-up

Marie and Michelle show off their hand-built toolshed

The enthusiastic group

For more details about the tour and the garden, check out the news coverage from NBC29!

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