Morven Kitchen Garden Tour - RSVP now!

The Morven Kitchen Garden is a 1-acre plot for growing, learning, experimenting, and embracing the joys of a carrot freshly plucked from the ground. In 2001, philanthropist John W. Kluge gave this 7,379-acre property (which was once purchased by Jefferson himself) to the UVA Foundation for educational purposes. Morven is now a central hub for interdisciplinary research, seminars, retreats, and innovative UVA courses – and of course, home to the Morven Kitchen Garden.

Located on a one-acre plot which was once organically cultivated for John Kluge, the Kitchen Garden offers a hands-on learning opportunity to study food production cycles, design sustainable agriculture technologies, and develop a better understanding of the social, environmental, and economic implications of our daily food choices.

See the Morven Kitchen Garden Project for yourself on this UVa Dining-hosted tour next Friday, September 23rd. The tour van will depart from the O'Hill loading dock at 10:30 and you will return to Grounds between 12:30 and 12:45. Space is limited; RSVP to Kendall Singleton at kendall.singleton@virginia.edu.

For more information about the Project, see the garden blog at http://morvenkitchengarden.wordpress.com/.

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