Behind the scenes at O'Hill

A first year seminar class took a field trip to O'Hill earlier this week and got an up close look at the back of the house in all its non-stop busy-ness.  This was a really fun opportunity to show students the dishroom, the pulping machine, and what actually happens to all of their food waste.  Students also learned about Campus Kitchens, our partnership with the Local Food Hub, the calculations that the staff makes to order just the right amount of food, and  how they can play a role in making Dining Services more sustainable (sign up for the reusable to-go container program; bring their own reusable mug to cafes around Grounds - and get a discount for it!; submit feedback, good or bad, via Text 'n Tell or in person to one of the managers or cooks in the dining halls).

We had a great afternoon with the group.  Thanks to Politics Professor Paul Freedman for organizing this event!

O'Hill Manager Keith Kelleher explains how the pulping equipment works

Keith shows off O'Hill's more energy efficient hood controls

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