Healthy (and Sustainable) Bites Bar Tomorrow

Stop by your nearest dining room at dinnertime for a taste of healthy and sustainable "Breakfast for Dinner"!  Serving Baked Apples, Egg-White Omelet, Veggie Frittata, and Granola alongside your usual dinner staples. 

As we did with the last Healthy Bites Bar, local food is being incorporated where possible.  Here's a breakdown of what to expect:

  • Apples (Baked Apple dish)
  • Granny and York apples (Baked Apple dish)
  • Black raspberries (frozen at the height of the season, and thawed into fat free yogurt) and Mountain Laurel honey (Granola Crusted French Toast)
  • Arugula (Egg-White Omelet)
  • Arugula, broccoli, and mushroom (Veggie Frittata)
  • Apples (Baked Apple dish)
  • Tomatoes, onions, mushrooms and riddiccio (Egg-White Omelet)
In addition to the local fare, all of the eggs used in these dishes are cage-free, thus hitting the Humane standard on our Green Dining sustainability bull's eye.  Hope you enjoy!

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