Earth Week Review

Three cheers for another great UVa Earth Week!

UVa Dining celebrated by hosting and participating in a number of events.  See how they went in the photos below:

Alderman Cafe Coffee Giveaway (free coffee for those who brought their own reusable mug!)

The crowd gathers (disclosure: these pictures are from the first giveaway  in March, as I didn't take any photos this time around)

Reusable mugs!

Nothing better than free coffee for that mid-afternoon slump

Fine Arts Cafe Local Food Fair

The raw ingredients from the Farm at Red Hill - these get turned into amazing salsas and other dips...

...Like the ones pictured here!

UVa Eco Fair

Groups start to set up in the amphitheater

Green Dining table

Signing up for the Green Dining listserv

Discussing sustainable dining 

Goofy moment at the Eco Fair photo booth

Farm to Fork Luncheon

The Farm to Fork Luncheon was delicious, as to be expected.  We were all stuffed and happy at the end of the meal!  Special thanks to the Local Food Hub for providing much of the food.

Don't forget to RSVP directly to me at kendall.singleton@virginia.edu if you'd like to attend tomorrow's Monticello Garden tour.  There are still a couple of spots left.

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  1. This is a great blog. I am trying to implement sustainble dining in a small food service at my school. I work there and I am doing a project there for a upper level liberal arts course all students have to take. We have to design a project on campus or in the community. I think it would be great if we had a blog to show sustainable changes going on campus. We have eco-reps and I will tell them about your blog.

    A student from Green Mountain College