Introducing Reusable To-Go Containers at the Ka-pow Food Truck

Ever wondered why you couldn't get your food truck food in a reusable to-go container?  Starting today, wonder no longer: Dining is introducing reusable to-go containers at the Ka-pow Food Truck in the amphitheater!

The Ka-pow truck has a new sign announcing the program
Ditch the disposable and get reusable to-go!

As a refresher for us all, here's a run-down of how the program works.  (For the visually inclined, watch our minute-long you-tube video on the program!)

1. Register for the program with a cashier at any participating location* and pay your refundable $5 cash deposit.
2. Receive two program key tags.
3. Exchange a key tag for a clean reusable to-go container.
4. Bring back your used container to any participating location* and either
  a) get a clean container for your next take-out meal, or
  b) get a key tag if you're not getting to-go immediately.

*Participating locations:
Newcomb To-Go Room
Pav XI
Fine Arts Cafe
West Range Cafe
Shea House
Wilsdorf (drop-off only)

Will you be the inaugeral to-go container user at Ka-pow?

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