Twin Oaks Tofu Event: Recap

Wow - last night's tofu event was a blast!  I'm glad so many students stopped by the tables at Runk, Newcomb, and O'Hill to learn more about Twin Oaks and sample their delicious tofu (and perhaps even try it for the first time?!).

Take a look at the photos below and keep an eye out for the next time Twin Oaks tofu is served in our dining rooms.  (Hint: it's every day!)

The Twin Oaks Tofu logo and slogan sums it up.

O'Hill's tofu dish: Sesame Tofu and Cucumber Salad in a Mango Dressing.  One student claimed that it was the best dish she had ever eaten at O'Hill!

Richard hamming it up for the camera.

The tofu spread

Richard and Louise serving up the good stuff

Tofu cube samples

The station at Runk

Runk's dish: tofu teryaki slider with a sweet potato crisp and organic salad greens

Some of our Dining Educators holding down the fort

Chef Brett knows how to set up a beautiful plate presentation!

Tofu samples

Our Dining chefs at work

Tofu for the taking

Newcomb's dish was a tofu lo mein stir fry in a pineapple glaze

Sampling the herbed tofu - locally processed and organically certified

Serving up

The sampling tray

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